GlobalAustin is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3), charitable and educational corporation, and is affiliated with the National Council of International Visitors (Global Ties U.S.) that is sponsored by the U. S.  State Department.  GlobalAustin establishes international visitor programs that provide information exchanges with professional resources from the Central Texas area.


If you have not already signed up to our International Calendar Events newsletter be sure and do so! Each week we send out a newsletter listing and describing all the international and cultural events that will be taking place in the Greater Austin area in the coming week. If you want to be kept in the loop just send an email to our calendar coordinator asking to be signed up. You can reach him on the following email: info@internationalaustin.org


GlobalAustin connects people with a global vision, for mutual learning and understanding, through hosting current and emerging leaders and developing citizen diplomats.

Discover Citizen Diplomacy

Citizen diplomacy is the concept that, in a vibrant democracy, the individual citizen has the right–even the responsibility–to help shape foreign relations, “one handshake at a time.”

In practical terms, citizen diplomats are professionals, families, students, interns, and travelers who make an impact by reaching out to individuals from other countries to build bridges of mutual understanding.

There are many ways to get involved with citizen diplomacy.  You can become a member of our board, volunteer, supporter, or attend an event.  We welcome foreign professionals and students to the area every month. Learn more about Austin’s opportunities to meet our visitors by exploring our Programs!

We build person-to-person relationships “One handshake at a time.”

GlobalAustin is a non-member corporation currently marking 50 years of leadership in citizen diplomacy.  Serving as the international exchange community, we are part of a nationwide network of Community Member Organizations, National Program Agencies, Associate Member Organizations, and individuals.  GlobalAustin designs and implements professional programs, provides cultural activities, and offers home hospitality for foreign leaders, specialists, and scholars participating in the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and other exchanges.  With leadership and training, member organizations are expert at matching the resources of their communities with the needs of International Visitors.


The effect of the programs we put into action, both in Austin and across the nation, reaches far and wide.  Numerous Heads of State and Chiefs of Government around the world participated in the IVLP earlier in their careers.  The impact of the GlobalAustin &Global Ties U.S.  network is also powerful close to home.  Personal friendships are made, business relationships are formed, and children learn about the world in a whole new way when they meet visitors from the other side of the globe.

Our offices are located at:
1103 W. 24th Street
Austin, TX  78705
Phone: (512) 215-0140
Fax: (512) 215-0157
Int’l Visitor Leadership Program: (512) 215-0146

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