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Join GlobalAustin for Our Distinguished Speaker Series!

    The Distinguished Speaker Series welcomes several speakers a year to discuss topics and issues related to international affairs like global governance, the rule of law, conflict prevention, geo politics, education, bilateral trade and a wide variety of other related topics.


   We invite distinguished scholars, diplomats, public intellectuals and experts from around the world who hold positions of prominence in international affairs to address these topical issues from a variety of perspectives.  

Joining one of these discussions is a great way to learn more about the critical issues facing the United States and other countries around the world, and to develop friendships with others who are also interested in world affairs!


Join GlobalAustin for our “Distinguished Speaker Series"!

Our 2019 Distinguished Speakers

    Dr. Josephine (Jody) Olsen, PhD, MSW, began her career as a Peace Corps Volunteer, serving in Tunisia from 1966-1968. She has since served the agency in multiple leadership positions—as Acting Director in 2009; Deputy Director from 2002-2009; Chief of Staff from 1989-1992; Regional Director, North Africa, Near East, Asia, Pacific from 1981- 1984; and Country Director in Togo from 1979-1981. Dr. Olsen was sworn into office as the 20th Director of the Peace Corps in March 2018.

    Prior to returning to the Peace Corps in 2018, Dr. Olsen served as Visiting Professor at the University of Maryland-Baltimore School of Social Work and Director of the University’s Center for Global Education Initiatives. She also oversaw health research projects in Malawi while teaching courses on international social work, global social policy, and global women and children’s health. Dr. Olsen received a bachelor's degree from the University of Utah, and a master's degree in social work and a doctorate in human development from the University of Maryland. Throughout her career, Dr. Olsen has championed the expansion of service, learning and international opportunities for Americans of all backgrounds.

Predrag Raosavljevic is the assistant ombudsmen and the head of the anti-discrimination department for the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is an international lawyer with over 12 years of experience, working in the field of human rights protection, international relations, transitional justice, and establishment of rule of law in post-conflict societies. Raosavljevic is a member of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), and holds a teaching position at Banja Luka PIM University. He has previously served on behalf of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the United Nations Office of the High Representative, in the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, and for the UN Secretariat in New York. Raosavljevic received his PhD from the University of Belgrade and his LL.M. from Columbia University in New York. During his Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program, Raosavljevic focused his research on conceptions of equality, differing legal cultures, and varying government engagement that can lead to more effective ways to combat the unequal treatment of citizens.
Dr. Artyom Lukin research interests include international relations and security in the Asia-Pacific and Northeast Asia; Russian foreign policy; Russia’s engagement with the Asia-Pacific; social, political and economic processes in the Russian Far East. Lukin has authored and co-authored multiple scholarly publications in Russian and English. He has been involved in numerous research and publication projects both in Russia and abroad. Lukin is an expert with Russian International Affairs Council.
If you are interested in attending a Distinguished Speaker discussion, please visit our events tab for up-to-date information on where and when events will be and how to register.

Dr. Jody Olsen

Importance of Global Engagement; June 19, 2019

GlobalAustin, along with St. Edwards University, was honored to welcome Peace Corps Director, Dr. Jody Olsen, to discuss the importance of the United States' global engagement and Peace Corps' role in that effort. Director Olsen will also be taking audience questions.


Predrag Raosavljevic

Strengthening Legal Protection Against Ethnic Or Religious Discrimination; May 7, 2019

Predrag examines the models present in various European countries and in the United States underlying the importance of several factors such as international cooperation, the role of civil society, strategic litigation and anti-discrimination campaigns.


Dr.  Lukin.jpg

Dr. Artyom Lukin

Major Powers in North Korea and Asian Security; April 10, 2019

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